Silas Burke HoviousSilas Burke Hovious

Son of John Harding HOVIOUS
& Eliza Emiline LITTEN.

Born in Bedford, Indiana on 9 April 1828. Silas Burke Hovious served in the Mexican-American War, in Company G, 4th Regiment, Indiana Volunteers. He was mustered into service on 14 June 1847 at Jeffersonville. Silas fought in the battles of VERA CRUZ (Sept. 1847) and PUEBLA (Oct. 1847). He returned to the US and was mustered out on 16 June 1848 at Madison, Indiana, having received a medal for his service in the war.

Silas later became a teacher and farmer. In 1853 he was listed as an annual member of the Indiana Christian Missionary Society ($8 per yr.). He married, on 4 Feb. 1854, Mary Elizabeth RUSSELL (21 Sep 1836 Morgan Co. IN - 24 Sep 1883 Hartford, KS). In July of 1860, Silas and Mary sold their property in Morgan County, and moved to Knox County; afterwards they moved to Kansas, settling first on Phenis Creek, then making their home at Hartford. After Mary's death, Silas moved to Emporia, KS.

Silas Burke Hovious died on 11 March 1915 in Emporia, KS.

Children with Mary E. RUSSELL:

  1. Roxanna Mellison Hovious, b. 21 Feb 1855. Married 28 Dec 1874, John B. Moore. Roxanna died in Colorado Springs, Colorado, 18 December 1930.
  2. John Hannum Hovious, b. 27 Jul 1857. Died before 1915.
  3. Sarah Alice Hovious, b. 17 Aug 1859. Married C C Rogan. Sarah died on 5 Oct 1930, in Topeka, Kansas.
  4. Fred Hirth Hovious, b. 22 Nov 1860, died 18 Feb 1948, Hartford, Kansas.
  5. William Ellsworth Hovious, b. 17 Jun 1861. Married 29 Jul 1900, in Monroe, Co., Indiana, Ropey A. Langull. Died before 1915.
  6. Eliza J. Hovious, b. 2 Dec 1863. Married in McPherson, Kansas, C Jensen. Eliza died 19 Apr 1929, in McPherson, Kansas.
  7. Charles Robert Hovious, b. 7 Oct 1866, d. 2 Sep. 1903
  8. Mable Amelia Hovious, b. 19 Jun 1871. Died 1957, Emporia, Kansas. Never married.
  9. Edwin E. Hovious, b. 1873. Died before 1915.
  10. Frances Lytton Hovious, b. 15 Sep 1876. Married Birdie Rupert in Hartford, Kansas. Frances died 6 Jul 1935, Hartford, Kansas.
  11. Omar Russel Hovious, b. 29 May 1881, died 1968, Emporia, Kansas. Never married.

  12. Information about Silas Burke Hovious' Military service courtesy Betty Hovious Hollowell and John R. Hovious Jr. Additional data from Silas' muster roll records, obtained from the National Archives, Washington, DC.

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