Atas HoviousSarah Stapleton HoviousAtas Hovious Son of
John Lewis HOVIOUS and Mary Jane BOTTOMS. Known as "Babe". Born 22 January 1879, died 3 November 1956, Adair Co. Kentucky. Married Sarah Lee Stapleton, daughter of Scott Stapleton.

Atas Hovious' signature

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  1. Bertha Hovious, b. 24 June 1903, d. 21 Jan 1975 House built by Atas Hovious
  2. Charles A. Hovious, born 6 July 1904, died 27 July 1905
  3. Monnie May Hovious, b, 24 May 1906, d. 21 Feb 1982
  4. Rachel Hovious, b. 30 Mar 1908, d. 4 Mar 1992
  5. Robert Lee Hovious, b. 22 Feb 1910, died 13 Oct 1994
  6. Ella Hovious, b. 19 Sep 1912, d. 2 Nov 1997
  7. Opal Hovious, b. 13 Nov 1913, died 3 Jan 2003
  8. Omer Hovious, b. 13 Nov 1913, died 4 Sep 1979.
  9. Joseph H. Hovious. Born 17 Oct 1916, died 15 Jan 1983
  10. Lloyd George Hovious, b. 17 Nov 1918, died 15 Jan 1966. Married Ida Helen Sublett.

More about Atas: Reminiscences from Richard Hovious, one of Atas' grandsons: 'Until mostly destroyed by fire in 1940, Knifley was a thriving community, significant to us because the nucleus of the town consisted of a full service bank---owned by John Wilkes Booth Hovious ; a combination theatre, skating rink and most importantly the area "feed store" (the center of activity in any small southern town in those days), all owned by Ina Hovious, Booth's daughter; and a general store, perhaps one of the first "supermarkets", owned by Atas (Mr. Babe) Hovious, described by everyone who knew him as Kentucky's best businessman. One of his gems of merchandising was '25 cents each, or 3 for a dollar!' 'Mr. Babe' built the magnificent home shown around 1900. It is still standing and in "move in" condition.'

Atas Hovious in front of his home.

Sarah Stapleton Hovious.

From an article in the Columbia Magazine, number 27 dated December 1999: (This article is CHRISTMAS NOSTALGIA from the journals of Ed Waggener).
"'The customer is always right'
When my mother worked in her father's store at Knifley, an unbendable rule he, L. R. Chelf, had was, 'The customer is always right'. Mother says that there were trying times, but they had to smile and take the hassles the customers gave them. Once, she recalls, at the height of the Christmas rush, a lady came in and asked her to weigh out a pound of fancy Christmas candy. She did and then the customer asked her to count the pieces.
When she told the customer, the lady said, 'Well, I don't think I'll buy from you. I'm going over to Mr. Hovious' store to buy - I get one more piece there.'"

Atas Hovious, ca. 1955

Thanks to Sandy Hovious Womack and Mike Cooley for the wedding photo, and to Greg Adams for the last photo of Atas. Thanks to Dale Hovious of Phoenix for the two middle photos of Atas and Sarah.

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